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Diverse Sculpture

Diverse Sculpture
Activated carbon carvings are a special typed of processed carbon that is made into art by carving illustrations on the carbon surface itself. Carbon carvings make a great display and absorb bad odours in the air. These carvings are not just pretty to display and look at, but also have a useful func..
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Beautiful hand-carved, hand-painted wooden rooster from Oaxaca, Mexico. Measures 6.5" tall...
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Beautiful hand-carved, hand-painted wooden cat from Oaxaca, Mexico. About 9" long...
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This is a kiln fired pinch pot ceramic piece. Homage to certain anime used is Final Fantasy, Death Note, and Dragon Ball Z. My favorite part is the cute little moogle eating a rice ball!..
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Latest piece, metal knife frame. I love working with silverware, my mind gets so creativity with the different designs of each antique knife. Outside frame is 14" × 14", inside is 12" × 12". The picture inside the frame is from shorts brewing company it's a label to an IPA of theirs...
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This cloth art doll, Elsa Sparkles is my very own interpretation of the beautiful Disney character from Frozen. An enchanting cloth art doll that little girls and young girls at heart will fall in love with. This doll will add a touch of fairy tale magic displayed in any room. A unique piece of art ..
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The Cat in Egyptian Mythology Although other goddesses also sometimes manifested themselves as cats, Bastet is seen as the principal cat goddess. In the complex Egyptian pantheon, Osiris and Isis' daughter formed a trinity with Hathor and the vengeful Sekhmet, both negatives to Bastet's positive. M..
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'Bastet is traditionally depicted as a cat-headed woman holding a sistrum (musical rattle) in one hand and a basket in the other. In the New Kingdom, the male cat was regarded as an incarnation of the Sun God and the female cat was equated with the solar eye. Made from Bonded stone, measures 7"H, in..
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Miscellaneous items that can be used for interior decor. The various types of designs look great in your office, your bedroom, the kitchen, and everywhere you can think of! Also makes a great wedding present or for moving in! Size: 8 x 4 x 12 cm Weight: 0.5 kg..
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'Bird with Letter Statue by Parastone is a three dimensional representation of the bird figure in the left panel of a religious triptych by Hieronymus Bosch from the Northern Renaissance. The Bird is one of the many freakish figures which appear in The Temptation of Saint Anthony triptych. Measures ..
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For all you arcade nerds out there who damn near broke their fingers playing Street Fighter, Metal Slug, hell... even The Super Spy on a Neo Geo MVS. It measures an awesome 9 x 11"...
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Having a romantic dinner? Or do you use candles year round? This product is essential for you with it’s usefulness, and it looks pretty just sitting there. Size: 11 x 10 x 17.5 cm Weight: 1 kg..
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